Sharm Elshekh and Ghardaa
Spring feasts tours (2016)
 Sharm Elshekh and Ghardaa tours

Breakfast-lunch-dinner-free drinks-snakes-transfers-(flight ticket)
Sharm Elshekh (Naba gulf)/ ElGharadaa (Soma gulf)

The first day:
*The travel from Cairo airport to Sharm Elshekh national airport then the transfer to the hotel by ac bus.
*Breakfast (open buffet) chek in Melia Sharm Elshekh hotel (5 stars deluxe) by the beach.
*Grouping for the lunch (open buffet).
*Grouping for the dinner (open buffet),grouping to visit Alf lela w lela (optional).
The second day:
*Breakfast (open buffet),grouping to enjoy a cruise to Teran island (optional).
*The lunch (open buffet).
*The dinner (open buffet),grouping for evening in Neama gulf (included in the program).
The third day:
*Breakfast (open buffet), grouping for a trip to aquatics city kilio park in Neama gulf (optional).
*The lunch (open buffet) and enjoy safari trip (optional).
*The dinner (open buffet),grouping for evening in Soho square region (included in the program).
The fourth day:
*Grouping for the transfer from Sharm Elshaekh airport to Ghardaa airport according to the instructions.
*The breakfast (open buffet) then chek in Bay soma movenbeek hotel (5 stars deluxe).
*The lunch (open buffet).
*The dinner (open buffet).
The fifth day:
*The breakfast (open buffet ) grouping for a safari trip between the red see mountains (optional).
*The lunch (open buffet).
*The dinner (open buffet) ,grouping to transfer for enjoy a free trip in the tourism path in Ghardaa (included in the program).
The six day:
*The breakfast (open buffet) , grouping to enjoy a trip in the Submarine in The depths of the red see (optional).
*The lunch (open buffet) , grouping to enjoy a cruise to Athyobya island (optional).
*The dinner (open buffet), grouping to visit Alf lila w lila (optional).
The seventh day:
Grouping in bbho hotel in Ghardaa airport to return to Cairo airport according to the instructions.

29/4/2016 26/4/2016 23/4/2016 Price of the person
3495 In the double room
4690 In the individual room
2430 The children from 6:12
1530 The children from 2:6
150 The infants from 0:2